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Department of Hydrotechnics focuses its teaching, scientific, research and professional activities on water as one of the environmental segments. For Croatia, the water resources are exceptionally important. In terms of quality and quantity of surface and groundwater, Croatia is in high rank at European scale. Because of this, our experts have a great responsibility for the effective protection and rational use of water resources. The system of integrated water management and effective water protection also includes problem solving of wastewater what is currently a major problem in the European Union, particularly in new member states such as Republic of Croatia.
Employees of the Department participate in the University Joint Doctoral programme Study “Water Management and Geo-engineering”.

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44. IAH Congress, Dubrovnik 2017.


Laboratory of environmental geochemistry
Laboratory of environmental geochemistry is established within the Department of Hydrotechnics, and is equipped with instruments and auxiliary equipment for the analysis and sampling of natural and wastewater, soil and sediment. As a part of Laboratory there is an especially equipped Chemical Practicum in which exercises for the courses Chemical Practicum, Analytical Chemistry of Environment, Hydrogeochemistry and Geochemistry of soil are performed.