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Informing and services

Category: Studiji

A lot of services which can make studying easier are available to the Faculty students, especially ISVU. Informacijski Sustav Visokih Učilišta. It is a complex system which consists of several modules and one of them is intended for students Studomat. By using studomat students can:

- register for an exam/ withdraw from an exam
- have a data overview on ongoing exams
- have an overview on grades and ECTS credits of the exams they have passed
- see data on exam periods in the current academic year
- have an overview on fulfilling entry requirements for an enrolment/passing of a course
- keep record of personal information
- enrol in a study year and choose a study programme they want to enrol in
- choose elective courses
- register that they have failed a year
- enrol in courses from a next study year in case they lose a year
- reenrol in a course at their own request
- have an overview on an enrolled study year, enrolled courses and course statuses
- choose a mentor and a theme of a graduate thesis
- request printing of various certificates
- see the level of rights they have concerning student meals

They can do all of these things on the Internet- at home.

Besides studomat students can also use Merlin. System for e-learning. Here students can see the latest news on courses, mid-term exams, exams, timetable, etc. They can also download course materials and they can even take mid-term exams.

Starting from this year a mobile application for e-learning is available to students mobilna.

All the enrolled students have a right to use Office 365, where the latest versions of Microsoft Office tools are available as well as 1 TB of a cloud data storage space.

Students can also use Microsoft servicing Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. In that way they can use the latest and original Microsoft tools and operating systems as well as Azure services.

In order to use these services students have to apply with their AAI electronic account. The only exception is Azure Dev Tools for which students have to send a request to an address which can be found on an AAI application form.