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Department of Water Management

Category: Hidrotehnika

The Department of Water Management directs its teaching, scientific-research and professional work towards water as one of environmental components. Special emphasis is placed on three main areas of water management: water for human consumption, drainage and wastewater treatment and hydrotechnical constructions.
Water resources are extremely important to Croatia since the quality and the amount of its surface and underground water are highly ranked. For that reason our experts have a great responsibility for the efficient protection and the rational use of water resources. The integral system of water management and efficient water protection also includes solving problems of wastewater, which is currently a big problem in EU countries, especially in new member countries such as the Republic of Croatia.

Members of the Department of Water Management:
Assistant Professor Dijana Oskoruš - Head of the Department

Professor Emeritus Božidar Biondić
Full Professor Miroslav GOLUB
Professor Ranko Biondić
Associate Professor Anita Ptiček Siročić
Associate Professor Hrvoje Meaški
Associate Professor Ivan Kovač
Assistant Professor Dijana Oskoruš
Assistant Professor Jelena Loborec
DSc Dragana Dogančić
DSc Karlo Leskovar
MSc Barica Kovačev-Marinčić
Lucija Plantak, mag.ing.amb.
Saša Zavrtnik, doctor of veterinary medicine

Activities of the Department:
Teaching activity
Scientific-research activity
Professional activity

Laboratory for Environmental Geochemistry