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Academic life

Category: Život na fakultetu

Approximately 300 undergraduate and graduate students study at the Faculty. Being a student includes not only regular lesson attendance and taking exams but also obligatory learning outside lecture halls and professional practice.

Besides that, we offer students a lot of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and events at the Faculty. Find what makes you happy and participate as much as you can!

Our Student Assembly Student Assembly is always available to answer all the questions concerning studying at the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering. It takes care of students` standard, their activities and all the other issues concerning students.

Hall of residence In 2005, a hall of residence was opened in Varaždin and in 2017 a new building of the Student Centre was built in order to provide additional student accommodation. Students gain the right to accommodation by applying to a Call for Accommodation and Government Aid, which the Student Centre announces in June every year. It is posted on its official webpage and approximately 90% of our students gain the right to accommodation in the hall of residence.

Remember- study time is exploration time!