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Information System of Student Rights

An Information System of Student Rights (ISSP) is used for recording and monitoring student rights in accordance with valid regulations and acts prescribed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport and higher education institutions at which students study.

Based on the approval of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport ISSIP enables individual legal entities to access data for the purpose of determining the level of student rights. The system is also used for approving and keeping record of consumption of subsidized student meals at food service providers.

The most well-known service the ISSP system provides is the system of student nourishment. The purpose of the system is the precise record keeping of student consumption and enabling various levels of subsidies, in accordance to the guidelines proscribed by the Ministry.

Student card

A student card is the main identification document of students, and as such, it is used in numerous systems for the purpose of checking a student`s status on the spot. Tracking and managing the card's lifecycle is handled in a separate system ISAK.

Students use a student card to prove their identity and a student status. Based on that they gain different rights, such as a discount in public transportation, libraries, subsidized meals and similar.