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Organisation and management

Category: O fakultetu

The basic organization of the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering is determined by the Law on Scientific Activity and Higher Education (LSAHE). The organisation of the Faculty, which is a constituent member of the University of Zagreb, is determined by the Statute of the University of Zagreb (2009) and the Statute of the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering (2018).


Associate Professor Hrvoje Meaški{hrvoje.jpg:left}

Vice-Dean for Education:
Full Professor Sanja Kovač{sanja.jpg:left}

Vice-Dean for Management:
Professor Ranko Biondić{ranko.jpg:left}

Vice-Dean for Science:
Izv.prof.dr.sc. Ivana Grčić{ivana.jpg:left}


Faculty Council is a professional body of the Faculty which consists of all the employees elected into scientific-teaching titles, all the employees elected into teaching titles, one representative of assistants, one representative of post-doctoral researchers, one representative of all the other employees and five representatives of students. Representatives of teachers and associates are elected for a period of two years, and students elect their representatives on separate elections according to the Law on Student Assembly and Other Student Organisations (2007).


Scientific, scientific-teaching, professional and other activities of the Faculty are organised through four departments.

Department of Geotechnics
Department of Water Management
Department of Environmental Engineering
Department of General Sciences

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