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Category: Istraživanje i projekti

There are three laboratories at the Faculty:

Geotechnical Laboratoty
The Laboratory for Geotechnics is part of the Department of Geotechnics and it consists of modern sophisticated equipment which enables 20 different types of soil testing.

Laboratory for Environmental Geochemistry
The Laboratory for Environmental Geochemistry is part of the Department of Hydrotechnics and it consists of instruments and accompanying equipment for sampling and analysing natural and wastewater, soil and sediment.

Laboratory for Environmental Engineering
The Laboratory for Environmental Engineering is part of the Department of Environmental Engineering. The activities of the Laboratory include treating and testing mineral raw materials and waste, determining mechanical properties of waste, process engineering and chemical sensors.

VIRTULAB - Integrirani laboratorij za primarne i sekundarne sirovine (KK.
Virtual research center by integrating and equipping 15 existing laboratories at 5 components of the University of Zagreb from the sector of raw materials. The Virtulab project is in line with the main ideas of the EIT KIC Raw materials consortium, in which the University of Zagreb participates as an associate partner.
Virtu-laboratories are engaged in research, exploitation, refining, production processes and replacement materials and raw materials. The project is planned as a central interdisciplinary support to industrial partners from the sectors of mining, geology, geological and geotechnical engineering, chemical engineering, metallurgy and food technology.