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Mission, vision and strategy

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The mission of the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering is to conduct scientific research and provide higher education in an interdisciplinary area of environmental engineering as well as to apply and transfer knowledge to a business sector.

The mission of the Faculty is to deliver good-quality teaching for the purpose of increasing the number of experts who are qualified to solve engineering problems regarding environmental protection according to professional rules with the respect for ethical principles and environmental protection legislation.

Scientific-research work

Scientific work enables not only the mobility of professors/scientists and students but also a continual increase in quality with the rational use of human and material resources. The Faculty contributes to the economic prosperity of the society by transferring knowledge and technologies gained through scientific-research work into a business sector.

Through professional work (such as drawing up feasibility studies and projects) the Faculty closely connects theory with practice, which results in engineering solutions which are directed towards increasing the quality of individual environmental components and which contribute to green economy. In that way the Faculty establishes stronger connections with the region and it is actively involved in solving the problems of the local community.


On a national level, the aim of the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering is to be recognized as a leading institution which specializes in higher education, scientific and professional work in an area of environmental engineering, especially those segments which focus on the identification, design, construction and management of systems for solving the problems of environmental protection.

These problems concern soil, water and air pollution, waste management as well as defining the mechanisms for environmental protection. The aim of the Faculty is to become an internationally recognized institution which is involved in the European research space and mobility programmes for students and scientists.


The strategy of the Faculty`s development for the period from 2018 to 2022 includes a wide array of strategic goals concerning key areas, especially teaching, scientific-research work, developmental-professional work and a quality assurance system. The strategy of development includes a common goal and that is THE CHANGE OF THE NAME OF THE FACULTY AND THE NAME OF THE FACULTY DEPARTMENTS ACCORDING TO THE NAME OF THE STUDY PROGRAMME.

The scientific-research strategy of the Faculty for the period from 2018 to 2022 was developed with the aim of presenting scientific and research goals in more detail. One common goal and seven specific goals concerning the development of science at the Faculty were set. The common goal is: INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY AND RESEARCH QUALITY AND BECOMING RECOGNISED AS A RESEARCH INSTITUTION ON A NATIONAL AND AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.

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