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Assistant Professor Nikola Kranjčić,

mag. ing. geod. et geoinf.



Department: Department of Geotechnics
Floor: 2
Office: 46
Office hours: Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:00 AM

Phone: +385 42 408 950
Mobile: -
E-mail: nikola.kranjcic@gfv.unizg.hr

Undergraduate study programme in Environmental Engineering:

Roads Construction

Graduate study programme in Environmental Engineering:
Remote Sensing

Short biography:

Nikola Kranjčić was born in Varaždin on October 16, 1991. After he had finished elementary school in Petrijanec, he graduated from Prva Gimnazija in Varaždin, where he attended a mathematical programme.

In 2010, he enrolled in an undergraduate study programme at the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb. He completed his studies in 2013 and in the same year he enrolled in the graduate study programme in Geodesy and Geoinformatics. He majored in geoinformatics at the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb. He completed his studies in 2015 by defending his dissertation Service Oriented Generalization of Geoinformation for Tourist Purposes and gained a university degree and an academic title of Master of Engineering in Geodesy and Geoinformatics. During his studies he was a demonstrator in the courses Analytical Geometry, Linear Algebra and Differential Geometry.

He enrolled in the postgraduate doctoral study programme in Geodesy and Geoinformatics at the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb in 2017. The supervisor of his doctoral thesis Machine Learning Methods for Classification of Green Infrastructure in City Areas was Professor Damir Medak. He defended his doctoral dissertation in June 2020 and obtained the academic title of Doctor of Technical Sciences, scientific field of geodesy.

From September 2015 to August 2017, he worked as a Master of Engineering of geodesy and geoinformatics for a private company GEO-DIN d.o.o. in Varaždin.
Since September 2017, he has been employed at the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering, University of Zagreb. He participates as a teacher in the courses Geodesy, Road construction, Remote Sensing and Geodatabases in the Department of Geotechnics.

Assistant Professor Nikola Kranjčić has published 34 papers which include original scientific papers, preliminary communication, professional papers, and conference proceedings.

From 2017 to 2019, he participated in the project "Western Balkans Academic Education Evolution and Professional's Sustainable Training for Spatial Data Infrastructures". The project leader was the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, and Professor Željko Bačić was a project coordinator.

In 2019, he won the second place at the first Copernicus Hackathon in Zagreb with a proposal for the Geotwins application. In 2019 he was a mentor of a team of students who won the first place in the GDI for STE(A)M Story Map competition in the category Environmental Journey, which was organised by the University of Zagreb. In 2019, he was awarded for scientific excellence by the Faculty of Geotechnics, University of Zagreb.

He speaks English and German.