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Assist. Prof. Vitomir Premur



Department: Department of Environmental Engineering
Floor: 1
Office: 31
Consultations: -

Phone: +385 42 408 913
Mobile: -
E-mail: vitomir.premur@gfv.unizg.hr

Undergraduate study Environmental Engineering:

Emissions and Imissions to Environment
Mineral processing
Geotechnical and Hydrotechnical Machines

Graduate study Environmental Engineering:
Technological procedures

Doctoral study Environmental Engineering:
Communication and education in environmental protection
Circular economy in waste management

Short biography:

Graduated: 1981. Geotechnical school in Varazdin; 1985. Faculty of Mining-Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb (MGP)
Master's degree:1992. (MGP)
Ph.D.: 2016. (MGP)

The area of interest is the management and exploitation of special categories of waste and the processing of mineral raw materials.

Head of Environmental engineering laboratory