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Laboratory for Environmental Engineering

Category: Inženjerstvo okoliša

The Laboratory for Environmental Engineering was opened on 20th April 2018 during the Day of the Open Doors. The Laboratory addresses environmental issues, such as waste management, especially finding new ways of waste treatment and recycling, testing mechanical and physical-chemical waste properties, testing and processing of mineral raw materials, wastewater treatment, waste gas purification, the development and application of sensors for the purpose of determining and monitoring environmental and industrial components, the application of advanced analytical methods to environmental monitoring, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

The Laboratory for Environmental Engineering consists of four independent units:
− The Unit for Testing and Treatment of Mineral Raw Materials and Waste
Unit for Waste Mechanics
Unit for Process Engineering
Unit for Chemical Sensors

The equipping of the Laboratory started in 2016. In the same year, the Faculty, together with four consistuent members of the University of Zagreb, applied the project VIRTULAB-Integrated Laboratory for Primary and Secondary Raw Materials for EU structural funds "Preparing stocks of infrastructural projects for the European Regional Development Fund" 2014-2020. This project is a result of activities which have been done within the KIC Raw Materials consortium, in which Assoc. Prof. Igor Petrović, Ph.D., represents the Faculty. In 2019, on the initiative of Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Varaždin County Chamber the Laboratory became a living lab for green industrial-technological innovations within Greenomed project: Mediterranean transregional cooperation for green industrial innovations, which is financed within the Interreg Mediterranean project.