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Teaching activity

Category: Inženjerstvo okoliša

The employees of the Department teach at an undergraduate, a graduate and a doctoral study programme in Environmental Engineering.

Undergraduate study programme:
Emissions and Imissions into the Environment
Soil Mechanics I
Methods of Polymer Analysis in Industry and the Environment
Basics of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
Basics of Waste Management
Basics of Process Engineering
Basics of Environmental Protection
Basics of Air Protection
Law and the Environment
Technical Mechanics

Graduate study programme:
Energetics and the Environment
Energy Efficiency
Waste Management
Chemical Safety
Chemical Sensors in Environmental Engineering
Materials in Environmental Engineering
Soil Mechanics II
Mechanisms of Environmental Management
New Technologies and Products
Renewable Energy Sources
Environment and Health
Applied Environmental Protection
Environmental Impact Assessment
Assessment of a Product`s Life Expectancy
Purification of Waste Gases
Environmental Protection Projects
Waste Treatment Technologies
Technological Procedures